Gleaner Oils Claims Form


Alleged Fuel Contamination

Walkers Filling Station Dunoon

(Acquired by Gleaner During 1st December 2017)




Initial findings from an analysis of the DIESEL fuel at Walkers Filling Station Dunoon shows no evidence of water or any other contaminant in the fuel.

We have requested an independent laboratory fuel analysis.

As a family business our values focus heavily on customer satisfaction, in an attempt to speed up any action required on our part if the independent analysis shows signs of water or other contaminant we have set up a link to allow you to intimate a claim at this stage and to allow our Insurers without prejudice to investigate any alleged damage, please send the following information to the address noted below.:

Please send the originals of the required documentation and information to:

Claims Department

CCRS Insurance Brokers Ltd
15/16 Newton Place
G3 7PY